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Tutorial to Record Your Workout with Apple Watch

It may seem simple to figure out how to record an exercise on the latest Apple Watch, but doing so is an initial move toward making the most of your gadget. Whether you enjoy running, swimming, cycling, or weightlifting, owning an Apple Watch indicates that you have a strong interest in fitness. Tracking your workouts is an excellent method to stay controlled, set goals, and keep a routine in your fitness routine.

On your Apple Watch, recording a workout is really simple. There are two options on how to do this. The first method involves using an iPhone, while the other method requires your Apple Watch. Let’s go over both of them in detail.

Connect your iPhone and Watch

You have to first connect your iPhone and Apple Watch in order to upload an exercise session to the device using your iPhone. Wear your Watch & turn it on to accomplish this. As soon as the pairing screen appears on your Apple Watch, put your iPhone near to the Watch.

When you reach that screen, select “Continue” and then select “Set Up for Myself.” Follow the directions on the iPhone and Apple Watch to complete setup.

Activate the Health app

On your iPhone, open the Health app, and search for the Browse button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Visit Workouts

Search for the selection under “Activity.” Click it, then scroll down. Find and touch the Workouts menu.

how-to-Record-Your-Workout with Apple Watch

Insert your data

On your screen, look in the upper right corner for the Add Data option. Click on it to begin manually entering the details of your workout. By selecting from categories like Activity Type, Calories Burned, Distance Covered, Starting Time, Ending Time, & more, you may add as much details as you like.

How can an exercise be deleted from your Apple Watch?

Open the Health app off your iPhone and press the Browse symbol in the bottom-right area to erase a workout on your Watch. Next, select Activity, then select Workouts from the list. To access the Options menu, tap Workouts and then scroll down. You’ll select Show All Data under Options. Locate the exercise you want to remove, then tap Edit. Confirm by tapping Delete.

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