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How to Use Siri with ChatGPT Guide

If you were impressed by ChatGPT, you could be beginning to wonder if your Apple phones could become cleverer with this relatively new, smarter AI. You’re in for a treat: GPT-3 can be integrated into your iPad or iPhone to create a smarter, more communicative voice assistant.

Siri is extremely useful and has greatly improved in the years ever since release. Fundamentally, its position is fairly atomic and limited to specific commands, which can be a tiny frustrating, especially when looking for information.

With GPT-3, iPhone as well as iPad users can use Siri as a voice command able to handle tasks in conjunction with ChatGPT’s conversational process. The greatest feature is that it only takes a few minutes. All you require is a gadget ios 13 12 or later to access Shortcuts.

In general, Microsoft as well as OpenAI have a lot of privacy questions to answer; any messages you have sent the chatbot may be permanently or temporarily stored. If you use this guidance to communicate it to Siri, keep in mind that every application you make may be held, especially if you use the Shortcut to regulate your smart home or shop online.

1. Sign into the OpenAI and locate your API keys

Two screenshots, one of the OpenAI webpage with an arrow to the restaurant item ‘View API keys,’ the other of the site with API keys.

2. Paste your API passcode into a note

You can generate an API key from this page, which you should simply copy and paste someplace safe for future use. API keyboards (application programming interfaces) are key differentiators used to authenticate application forms and users in this context. It’s the way the Shortcut you’re are to download tries to tell OpenAI which user is requesting data from GPT-3 in this setting.


3. Get the SiriGPT shortcut

After that, you’ll want to get the SiriGPT shortcut. There are several shortcuts available, each set up differently, but humans found this one to serve as the most basic baseline. It’s worth noting that we did not invent this shortcut. The steps may differ slightly if you use a different shortcut, but they are generally similar.

If you haven’t used Apple’s Shortcuts previously, we’ve included a few more detailed information in our Siri guide. In summary, Shortcuts were introduced by Apple in iOS 12 as a manner for users to make custom mechanisation and commands for various tasks. In this configuration, we’ll utilize a custom shortcut created by a 3rd person to augment Siri’s authority with ChatGPT.

4. Launch the Shortcuts application to make changes to the configuration

Go to your iPhone or iPad’s Shortcuts app and open the shortest route you just downloaded besides pressing this same punctuation in the top right. You’ll notice a field labeled “Add API Key” – Paste the key you previously saved here. When you exit this same shortcut, you’ll be prompted to grant permission to enable your iOS device’s voice recognition and connect to OpenAI’s API.

5. (Optional) Create a command to start SiriGPT

If you don’t want to use the Shortcut tile on your home screen to summon SiriGPT, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back. Tap to use it quickly.

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