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How to Plan a Vacation with Google My Maps

It’s worth understanding how to navigate Google My Maps to assist you get organized whether you’re organizing a vacation or a day trip because being able to plan your journey more precisely is a significant benefit.

Although Google Maps is unquestionably among the top navigational tools on the market, key functionalities are frequently separated off into different services. One such instance is the option to alter your maps, that is now located within Google My Maps and enables you to sketch out unique routes, place numerous markers, and add information like comments, colored labels, or more.

For instance, the map above depicts a map of a few of the most well-known landmarks in Paris with further detail provided by summaries and several layers for various categories of locations.

We’ve provided basic setup instructions below, along with some additional suggestions to make your map stand out.

Go into Google My Maps then create a map there

Open Google My Maps first, then log in with your Google account. The “Create a new pin” button is located in the top left corner of the screen. Click this, then under the index at the left side of your screen, click the map title area to give your map a name.

For your locations, add pins

Pinning the locations to your map is the next step. Alternatively, you may manually enter your destination by clicking the pin icon, which turns your mouse to a crosshair & lets you utilize the search bar just like on regular Google Maps.

Identify and characterize the locations

If you used the field for text search to find the location, a box will open where you may input your own label, add a brief description nor any notes, or even upload media for the location. You have the option of uploading this file from within your gadget, from a URL, from Google Drive, via Google Image results, or via YouTube.

How-to-Plan-a-Vacation-with Google My Maps

Add instructions or lines

If you’re taking a bike, car, or foot trip, you can create a route between your destinations by pressing one of the three circles below the search box (seen above). Either click on already-connected pins or directly type the destinations into the search box on the left edge of the page to connect them.

Make your map unique

There are several ways to add color, brightness, and detail to your map. You can alter a pin’s color or icon by clicking the paintbrush icon on the pin or in an index bar adjacent to the pin’s name. You can modify the contours of your map by selecting a different option from the dropdown menu labeled “Base map” near the bottom of the map index.

You can also divide your pins into layers by selecting “add layer,” which gives you the option to check or check for the visibility of specific layers and divide locations according to any filter you may require, such as the day of your trip, the type of location, etc.

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