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How to Change the Wallpaper on a MacBook

The nicest part of buying a new MacBook, in my opinion, is choosing the ideal desktop wallpaper that complements my new work partner. I sometimes take an entire day to decide exactly what I want my freshly purchased computer to look like before changing the wallpaper because, given how popular Macbooks are, I prefer to stick out for as long as possible.

It might appear to be a very simple process, but the finest MacBooks and Macs offer a lot more choice choices than you might anticipate, so it might take a bit longer to find the wallpaper configuration that suits you. I’ll thus walk you over how to change in this guide.

1. Locating the MacBook’s wallpaper setting

Find exactly where you can truly make the change before you do anything else to start altering your wallpaper! You should see an Apple logo in the upper left corner of your desktop after your MacBook has started up. When you click on that, a drop-down menu ought to appear.

When you select “System Settings,” a new window with all of the available macOS options should appear. The section “Wallpaper” will be on the left of the newly created menu; you may need to scroll down a little to find it; click that.

Tutorial-to-change-your-Macbook Wallpaper

2. How to choose wallpaper

You should now see a small desktop at the top, which will serve as a preview for your selected wallpaper, as you are in the wallpaper settings. Three different kinds of pre-installed desktop graphics should be visible, including several of the typical Apple wallpapers, which are actually quite nice.

For instance, Dynamic Wallpapers can alter based on the moment of day so you may select a preferred environment and enjoy the varying moods throughout the course of the day. Additionally, you have particular bright and dark wallpaper that will vary depending on whether you are using dark or light mode on your device.

You have a choice of the pre-set wallpapers or the ability to add your own photographs is at the very bottom of the screen.

3. Making your own image into a wallpaper

Two buttons can be found at the bottom, the first of which says “Add Folder” and the second says “Add Photo Album.” You can use some of your very own personal images as your desktop background in this way. This is where you go to set your wallpaper if you want to use a priceless picture of your pet or perhaps your favorite scene from a TV program or movie. Just keep in mind that the images you wish to utilize must already be in an album in your Photos app.

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