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How to Block a Phone Number on iPhone

You’ll be relieved to know that blocking a mobile number and preventing this from trying to call or text messaging your iPhone is a simple process. Because bad actors can easily find contact information online these days, spam texts and calls are really a constant annoyance for even the best phones. There may even be individuals you are familiar from whom you require a temporary or permanent break.

We’ve written a quick guide to demonstrate you how to block intrusive numbers so that you can use your smartphone with peace of mind to help keep these annoying disruptions to a minimum. There are two methods available, and we’ve tried to explain both below.

Open the Contacts app

The first thing you should do is launch your contact app, which is a green tile with such a white phone icon that can be found by default on an iPhone’s home dock. Next, locate the phone number you wish to block. Depending on who you are blocking, it can be a contact or recent caller phone from your contacts list.

Access the contact’s profile

You can open a contact’s profile by tapping their name if you’ve blocked them from your contacts. To open the Contact profile if you’ve blocked somebody from your list of recently made calls, hit the circular I button to a left of the call log.

Click “Block This Caller”

You’ll are seeing a button that says “Block this caller” as you scroll down; tap it. It’s important to keep in mind that if you block a contact who has many phone numbers associated with them, all of those numbers will be prevented from contacting your iPhone.

You have now added this Contact or specific caller to your list of people to block. The first two stages of the procedure should be followed if you ever have to check which number are on that blacklist or unblock a caller.


Blocking a Number From Settings

Open the Settings application

The easiest place to go for banning a number on an iPhone is the Settings app if you also want to access your list of contacts who have already been blocked. It’s important to note that you must first save the phone number you wish to block as a Contact. A little over halfway down the list, in the sixth group of Settings choices, scroll down and select Phone.

View the contacts you’ve blocked

When you reach the collection of options that includes Blocked Contacts, scroll to the bottom a little and tap this. The list of the any contact you’ve already blocked will then be displayed to you.

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