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Easy Ways to Finding Your Lost AirPods 2023

Have you ever lost your AirPods? You are not by yourself. There is a way to find them, whether you unintentionally left them inside of a taxi or they got snagged beneath a couch. You can monitor or find the most recent whereabouts of your AirPods using an app on an Apple device or the internet thanks to the crowdsourcing Find My network, that utilizes Bluetooth signals form other devices made by Apple to determine a gadget’s location then beam it back to you.

All AirPods models will work with this service, but key features, like the ability to simultaneously monitor the precise position of each AirPod and your case (earlier models only show you the location of one AirPod at a time), are only available to AirPods Pro 2 or by using ultra-wideband (UWB) directional finding with extreme precision. The various methods you can use to locate your lost AirPods—using an iOS device, iCloud, or by playing sounds from the headphones themselves—are described below.

How to enable Find My Phone

You must first enable Find My Network by looking for Find My in the Settings app on every iOS device in order to use Apple’s crowdsourced Find My service. Make sure it is turned on and choose Find My [device] (the option will vary based on the device you are using).

After that, switch on Find My Network so you can locate the Apple AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, AirPods Pro 2, or AirPods Max. It’s also a good idea to check whether Find My Network is enabled for your AirPods by going to the settings page for them and making sure the appropriate toggle is turned on.

This is a crucial initial step since without it, you won’t be able to locate your AirPods. If you want additional in-depth instructions on how to utilize Find My, look at our guide.


How to use an iOS smartphone to locate your AirPods

You may use the Find My app to find your AirPods on a map once it is configured on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. You must launch the Find My app, choose the Devices tab, and then pick your AirPods to accomplish this.

If you have AirPods Pro 2, you can also view the location of each Pod separately (see image) in addition to the case. However, with many AirPods models, you can only see the position of a single Pod at a time; as a result, you must first find the visible Pod in order to detect the hidden one.

Even if you use a Mac, the procedure remains the same. You can find it using Spotlight Search or the Find My app by looking for it in your applications. You may view all connected devices as well as their locations by clicking on Devices. For additional information on how to utilize Apple’s Find My iPhone app, see our guide.

How to use iCloud to find your AirPods

With iCloud, Find My is also accessible via a web browser. Search in your browser. You will then be directed to a screen where you must sign in with your Apple ID. Choose All Devices to view a map showing their locations after logging in.

The map will show your current or last-known position along with a date of when it was last logged when you select your AirPods among the list. One thing to keep in mind about this approach is that we’ve discovered it is less current that the Find My application it self, so try to use it instead if feasible.

How to locate your nearest AirPods

AirPods can and do fall out of your ears despite the various sized ear tips made of silicone that are supposed to keep them there. You can force them to produce a sound in circumstances where you’re aware they are nearby so you can determine their whereabouts.

Open the Find My iPhone application, choose the Devices tab, then pick your AirPods to complete the action. A new set of choices will appear, including the option to play sound. You can also play music from your case if you have AirPods Pro 2.

You may use your iPhone to check if you’re getting closer to them if you have AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max.

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