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3 Top Smart Locks for Safe Your Door in 2023

If you’re prone to misplacing your keys or don’t want to open your door when the house phone rings, investing in one of the finest smart locks is a wise decision. They are also a good addition to ones home security system, with the some smart locks able of sending real-time notifications when the front door is left unlocked.

Smart locks do not require a key, and instead, users can allow entry to your property using ones fingerprint or a software on your phone. You can also make something special for trusted employees, family, and friends.


August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro is perhaps the most understated smart locks available. In reality, from the outside, you’d never guess it was there. During our testing, we discovered that the lock will indeed automatically activate once we were 20-30 inches from our door, allowing us simple, keyless access, but while you can continue to use your established keys if you prefer.

To fully utilize the August Smart Lock Pro, you will require a Wi-Fi bridge, but the August Connect tower has been included once you purchase the lock. It’s also a pricey smart lock when weighed against the rest of a industry, but we believe it’s worth it.

Kwikset Obsidian

The Kwikset Obsidian smart lock has a great design. It has a leathery texture which adds a touch of class to any door and hugs snugly against the gate for a low profile. It has no keys and just a touchscreen for trying to enter access codes. For family and friends, you could indeed start creating up to 16 logins.

The lock also has a patented Kwikset security feature called Secure Screen, which prevents anyone from seeing where you’ve tried to touch the screen to enter your password. This is done to prevent somebody from simply looking at your fingerprint smudges and copying the code from there.


Schlage Sense Smart Lock

If you have lot of housemates when you’re not home, its Schlage Sense is really the popular smart lock for you because the platform can start generating codes that allow your guests to enter the property without using a key. The Schlage Sense works with Apple’s HomeKit, allowing you to operate your lock using devices such as a Smart Tv, iPad, or iPod speaker via the HomeKit app.

The lock also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to activate and lock the gadget with just your voice. It is, however, quite large. We also discovered that the app is difficult to use, and that you’ll need perseverance to deal with slipped connections on occasion.

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