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3 Top Free Screen Recorder Must Try in 2023

Whatever your budget is, the top free screen recorders allow you to capture webcams, the windows browser tabs, or your entire desktop. The best screen recorders, which are popular for capturing webinars, conferences, webinars, training, as well as gaming, generally contain advanced capabilities and premium effects like as changes, editing videos, and 4K recording.

However, you are not obligated to invest in costly programs. Free software for recording screens has all of the capabilities you need to show viewers what you see. Some are actually simple to use, but stronger free screen recording applications may require some effort to configure on your finest business laptop. It’s worth mentioning that if you’re working on more sophisticated tasks, such as cutting social media snippets or editing videos for YouTube.

We tested the most effective free screen recording applications on Windows and Mac to help you discover the ideal screen capture program. We evaluated ease of use, performance and speed, additional tools such as the top free editors for videos, and available paid-for upgrades as part of our assessment process.


ShareX is a free PC-only screens recorder and capture program that will give you Millennium Falcon vibes: it may not look liked much, but it has it where it counts. A sparse UI conceals a plethora of features that can assist you in making your screenshot stand out. These include the ability to save only a portion of the screen by employing rectangle, ellipsis, and other freehand tools.



An intriguing free screen recorder is Screencast-O-Matic’s Screen Recorder, which lets you record your screen, webcam, or any combination of them with just a few clicks and add callouts in real time while you deliver your talk. Mind you, the editing is really light.

The screen recording program was easy to use, in our opinion. Sadly, the post-edit and exporting experiences are a little disappointing. Your screen capture is automatically and immediately discarded when the app closes after modifying and exporting it. It’s an unneeded weakness in a screen recorder for the web browser that is otherwise simple to use.

Most casual users’ needs should be met by the free screen recorder. The three monthly and yearly subscription options, however, offer extra features for professionals.

EaseUS RecExperts

One of the top recording devices for both Mac and Windows is EaseUS RecExperts. It is quick, simple to use, and jam-packed with expert screen-capture tools. The ease with which RecExperts collects your screen, webcam, systems sounds, or audio from integrated and USB microphones wowed us when we evaluated the app. Additionally, choosing what to record is easy during setup.

The no-cost screen recorder has a lot of uses, including capturing games, webinars, and presentations in up to 4K/60fps. Although we gave the tools and features good marks, we thought the editing capabilities lacked. Basic options after recording your clip include cutting, watermarking, and adding introductions and outros.

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