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3 Free Applications That Will Assist You Get Ripped and Bulk Up

The process of gaining muscle seems straightforward enough: you eat the right kinds of food and lift a lot of weights, and eventually you’ll get more muscle than you did before. While it’s true that you’ll experience “newbie gains” shortly after beginning weightlifting, you’ll need to alter and expand on your lifting strategy over time if you want to keep improving.

While athletes can rely upon the best running watches or fitness trackers to learn more about their daily runs and enhance performance, it might be more challenging to locate devices that can evaluate and support you as you progress toward growing muscle. Pen and paper or a spreadsheet created in Excel can be more efficient than a watch when it comes to tracking sets and reps.

Yet, there are free tools and applications available that might support you in your search for greater strength, size, or tone. So first, a few justifications for why everybody should be putting on muscle, regardless of whether you think it’s suited you.


One of the most well-liked diet applications among bodybuilders and regular people, MyFitnessPal makes it considerably simpler to meet precise calorie and macronutrient objectives. It is available in both free and paid editions, and even the trial version has enough features to measure calorie intake.

Even if you aren’t interested in growing muscle, using MyFitnessPal will help you keep track of the calories that are in your food and how much fat, carbohydrate, and protein you consume each day.

The user base of the app regularly updates the list of food products on it. Nearly every food item you purchase from the grocery store has a barcode that MyFitnessPal can scan to provide you with a list of macro and frequently micronutrients as well as the calorie count. You can then create your own meal plans utilizing foods you’ve already tested.

Other applications, like LifeSum, provide a more organized method of meal planning that is frequently helpful for losing weight. But many apps have a recurring price, albeit one that isn’t astronomically high. They are worth looking at if you require more planning advice.

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Alo Moves

The fact that bodybuilders are frequently highly flexible represents one of the lesser-known characteristics of these athletes. Professional lifters are aware of the value of stretching for developing muscle since it promotes a wider range of motion, which is necessary for gaining weight.

Additionally, stretching lengthens muscle, preventing age-related muscular weakness, and boosts circulation. Everyone should limber up and stretch for a few minutes each day, not just fitness enthusiasts, yet shockingly few people are aware of how to put together a good stretching regimen.

Alo Moves is one among several apps that might help you extend more effectively. Numerous exercise DVDs are available, along with well-known teachers like the excellent Harley Pasternak. Start by grabbing your finest yoga mat.


Online, there are a lot of fitness applications to choose from. In order to help you build muscle sustainably, Centr offers a whole strategy that includes workout regimens, nutrition plans, as well as mindfulness exercises. Most importantly, God of Thunder Chris Hemsworth & his group of fitness professionals support it! Although the subscription cost is expensive, there are frequently reductions offered.

Beachbody + Demand is another fantastic choice if you prefer group exercise classes. Although not all of the structured programs it offers are intended for gaining muscle, they are all taught by renowned teachers. Even nutritional guidance is given.

However, visit Stronglifts for true weightlifting magic. Stronglift targets gym-style exercises like the deadlift, squat, bench press, and other similar movements. It is used by many beginning lifters to help people add structure to their training.

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