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2 Ways How to Move your Data from iPhone to iPhone

If you’ve recently bought an iPhone 12 or one of the best iPhones on the market, you’ll have to transmit files from ones old iPhone to ones new iPhone. Although you have the choice of starting from scratch and resetting your iPhone, the majority of us will would like to transfer our data.

When it comes to how to set up a new iPhone, Apple does ask if you want to transmit files from iPhone to iPhone, but there are different iPhone data transfer methods depending on whether you use iCloud, have had the right iPhone transfer cables, or want to employ one of the best MacBooks and Mac as an intermediary.

There’s also the question of the amount of your data you want to transfer. While many of us prefer it to simply move everything across and deal with it later, others may want only specific data transferred over. Whatever path you choose, we’re here just to walk reader thru the best methods for data transfer from apple phone to iPhone.

How to Use iCloud to Move iPhone Data

The simplest way to keep your iPhone data safe is to initially learn how to backup an iPhone to iCloud. Visit Settings > Your Title (the first option), then to iCloud. You’ll be able to view how much iCloud space you’ve were using and which apps are being backed up.

A overview of the amount of storage capacity is presently being utilized by Photos, backups, apps, and other data is available. Scroll to the bottom to see a list of apps that use iCloud, with option to alternate each app on or off, determining whether or not they will appear on ones new iPhone automatically. You get only 5GB of free storage.

Given that most iPhones now have 64GB of memory or even more, which won’t be sufficient for most people. You could indeed follow our instructions in order to free up that space on to an iPhone, but it is unlikely to be sufficient. You’ll likely need to update to a paid way to back up it all on your phone. For 50GB, it ends up costing $0.99 / £0.79 / AU$1.49 per month, or $2.99 / £2.49 / AU$4.49 per month.

If you don’t mind paying a small fee, you can sign up for iCloud, backup ones phone to iCloud, transfer the information to ones latest iPhone, and afterwards withdraw iCloud before the month is up. Choose Manage Storage inside the iCloud Settings and then Upgrade to pick your paid plan.


How to Use Quick Start to Move iPhone Data

Quick Start, Iphone’s own iPhone-to-iPhone transfer system, is the great free method for moving data to your new iPhone. To use it, your iPhone must be running iOS 16.2 or afterward and have Bluetooth turned on. Any iPhone 5S or later should be able to do this.

However, for the simplest transfer process, we making sure to iOS 16 (or the recent data iOS model on older phones).  Place ones old and new iPhones next to each other and turn them on. Select your language on the new iPhone. The Quick Start button should appear next.

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